The Robot Moves!

robto moves

Today we got the the robot driving.  Here is the video:


The 2 12V DC motors are controlled by Parallax Motor Controllers. The Motor Controllers receive a PWM (pulse width modulation) signal from the Micro Controller (PIC18F 4550). The signals are sent to the Micro Controller from a Windows XP Tablet PC. The user inputs the speed and direction on the PC’s keyboard (via a remote desktop connection) and the data is sent to the Micro Controller via a COM port.

A Cool Fact:
The robot has a laptop on it that is connected to WiFi allowing the robot to be driven remotely from anywhere on the internet. You can call the robot on skype and view its webcam while you drive it over Remote Desktop or VNC Viewer.

Autonomous Tennis Ball Robot

robot assembly

Our project team consists of  3 fourth year Mechatronics Engineering as well as 8 additional members of the UW Robotics team.

Or goal is to design, build, and test an autonomous Tennis Ball Collecting Mobile RobotThe robot will actively seek clusters of tennis balls on a court, pick up these balls and store them on-board, and refill an automatic tennis ball thrower.

The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of time a tennis player will need to spend collecting tennis balls when using an automatic tennis ball launcher.

Current progress pictures are available here. A detailed design document is also available here.